Hunter Feed box - Gift

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Dive into nature's embrace with the Wicked Mix Hunters Snack Box by your side - the perfect companion for those with a wandering spirit and a snacking heart. This meticulously curated box is a medley of mouthwatering flavors designed to tantalize your taste buds and fuel your adventures.

3 Bags of Wicked Mix - Original Mix, Chipotle and Chocolate Laced. Snack without the guilt! Our Wicked Mix snacks boast zero trans-fat, include premium nuts like almonds, cashews, and pecans, and come in resealable bags to keep the freshness locked in for longer.

3 Bags of Wicked Minis for Light Snacking - Jalapeno Cheddar, Chili Cheese, and Cajun Creole. Our low-calorie Wicked Minis Oyster Crackers are seasoned to perfection. The blend of simple ingredients and fresh spices promises a delightful crunch and flavor every time.

Whether you're lying in wait during a hunting trip or pacing yourself on a long hike, our gourmet trail mixes offer a delightful reprieve. Every handful delivers a satisfying mix of sweet, salty, hot, and savory, reminiscent of the best pub bar mix you've ever had - but with a wicked twist. From the fiery kick of Jalapeno Cheddar to the sweet and spicy notes of the Chipotle and Chocolate Mix, there's a flavor for every craving. And for those lighter snacking moments? The Wicked Minis Oyster Crackers are your go-to - crisp, flavorful, and just the right amount of savory.

But it's not just about flavor. At Wicked Mix, we take pride in our roots. Every snack pack and cracker is made right here in the USA, a testament to our commitment to quality and support for our homegrown industries. Moreover, our commitment to your health shines through - with zero trans-fat and a roster of premium ingredients.

Wrapped in this box is not just a snack - it's an experience. An experience of America's finest flavors and the joy of gourmet snacking. So whether you're gifting this to a friend or treating yourself, the Wicked Mix Hunters Snack Box promises moments of delight on every trail and in every hideout. Choose Wicked Mix. And let every adventure be a delicious one.